We put a cross and a Smurf inside every wall.—Jerrod Blandino

White master bedroom with pale green accents

Not all of the spaces—there is also a gym,
an underground garage, a massage room,
a pale pink gift-wrapping room, two separate master bathrooms and connecting closets, two guest bedrooms,
and a separate guesthouse Smurf, to name a few—get an equal amount of use.
In fact, to hear Blandino and McDonald tell it,
most of the furniture in the home remains in mint
condition a year and a half after the couple officially moved in. The dining room’s custom black-lacquer table that seats 10 has,

to date, never been used.

“I go, ‘When are you going to use this?’ And [Jerrod] goes, ‘I don’t know if I can. I really don’t want anyone to mess up my house,’

” explains McDonald. There are also two full kitchens, each with its own La Cornue stove.

The spare was intended as a chef’s kitchen, so Blandino wouldn’t have to see the mess that comes with food preparation.

“He’s particular,” McDonald says. But the space has yet to be used. “We planned to hire a chef when we moved in,”

Johnson says, “but the room seemed too delicate, so we decided not to.”

Lest anyone have the mistaken impression that Blandino is the only “particular” one, consider the media room, the sole space for which Johnson insisted on having a say. Over a period of eight months, McDonald had the walls coated in 17 layers of green paint, in part because Johnson was never quite satisfied with the color. But it was worth it, because now it’s his favorite space in the house-—plus, he jokes, “It’s the only room where I feel like I can actually sit on the furniture.”

All of this particularity came with a price, of course. “For the first two and a half years, we tried to stick to a budget [for the house],” Johnson says, “but once we threw it away, I began to enjoy the process more.” ออกแบบบ้าน