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To many, the idea of buying a turnkey home—
one that is fully furnished and kitted out like a luxury hotel suite—may be a head-scratcher.
Why purchase an apartment imagined and decorated for a fictitious owner when you’re wealthy enough to hire your own interior designer
who could tailor it specifically to your tastes and needs?
Yet the turnkey craze is sweeping the globe,
and among its fans is the superstar French interior designer
Jean-Louis Deniot. He is currently working on several such projects,
from Hong Kong to West Palm Beach.

“I enjoy the financial pressure of creating a home that needs to sell,”

he says, “and the fact that the design

choices are more than just ‘I like blue, you like pink’ and are based instead on what adds real value to a property.”

While many interiors commissioned on spec inevitably

tend to be bland and impersonal,

Deniot’s approach is different. “I try to convey a sense of nonchalance so that the decor doesn’t feel stiff,” he says.

The developer for whom

Deniot decorated this 5,000-square-foot duplex in London’s prestigious Belgravia neighborhood is wont to agree.

“Jean-Louis has this ability to design things that are truly unique and one-off,” he says.

“He really understands how people want to live today.”

The four-bedroom home, which was previously three separate apartments, has numerous assets—a prime location, a double garden, its own front door, and lots of lateral space in a city where small rooms are the norm. Given that the clients for turnkey developments are for the most part from other countries, Deniot is particularly focused on creating a sense of place. Here, for instance, he installed floor-to-ceiling doors in the 18th-century English Adam style. While he is an unabashed fan of luxe details, in a project like this Deniot is conscious that he needs to strike a fine balance. “A developer wants everything to be very beautiful and luxurious, but also to be competitively priced,” he notes. รับออกแบบบ้าน