THE LIVING ROOM The living room is definitely my favorite room.

THE LIVING ROOM The living room is definitely my favorite room.

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“The living room is definitely my favorite room. It has that old world feeling with the plaster and blackened walls and vintage windows. There’s an interesting story behind the pair of curved, Donghia-inspired sofas, which almost did not come to pass in my home. They were plagued at multiple stages in the production (ex. delivery failure), when I had an idea. I commissioned New York City textile artist Rhiannon Platt to embroider ‘Existential sofa‘ and ‘Radical knitter’ in hand-stitches across the back of each sofa, as a sort of creative expression. The living room is witty and handcrafted, something that really draws people in.”

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“After working in many different offices throughout my career, I love having this home office. It allows me to be a working professional and a mom simultaneously; it’s a peaceful environment that stimulates both creativity and productivity. Growing up, I loved collaging. In honor of that love, I built a five-foot tall inspiration board into the wall, which is one of my favorite parts of the room. The teal fretwork was inspired by metal fretwork on armoires in France, and the swing down lights were inspired by reading nooks in London, both of which are places I love to travel to, and give me a sense of peace in the space.” สถาปนิก


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