Captain America: The First Avenger is among the most successful comic book adaptations of the popular comic book of the same name. The movie itself is very well done, with some nice special effects and scenes of action. The film tells Steve Rogers’ story, which includes how he got involved in Marvel Universe. It also lets us watch his transformation into a hero in the film. Though The First Avenger was a great film, fans of the film were entertained by it. But, it had few shortcomings. Let’s examine some examples…

It is quite obvious from the beginning that The First Avenger is going to carry a strong patriotic sentiment. He hates America and wants to see it crumble and believes that the nation could be on the way to being taken over by a new terrorist organization. It’s a significant part of the plot. When a movie is of this size, it’s important to keep antagonists close to the narrative so that we see how all their motives tie together. In some instances, the movie’s Patriotism seems too extravagant and unneeded. Bucky, after finding the knife that killed his parents, tosses it in and declares “This sword is going to kill America.”

This could come from an James Bond movie where Bond kills terrorists in order to defeat evil. Rogers is practically yelling his hatred at each villain that he meets within comics, specifically in The First Avenger’s first pages. Being able to shout to everyone that he encounters doesn’t make it any better. The First Avenger is not a very light-hearted comic book series There’s no reason to believe the pride of this film as seriously.

Another problem I have with the movie is that no characters from the comic book are ever dead. กัปตันอเมริกาภาค 1 This could easily be accomplished by using body count. When, for instance, Bucky is killed by a sniper, his friend goes in to get hit also. There isn’t any blood on the body of Bucky, and he’s still breathing. It could be easily done by applying the formula of comic books used for comic book deaths in which an elderly, exhausted soldier crashes off the edge of a mountain and is buried to a slow, and painful death.

This is comic book appropriate as I am a fan of death. This is too much and way too quickly in the tale. Rogers actually dies, but there is no doubt that it was one sniper killed him. That could mean anyone. The Winter Soldier shot him. Winter Soldier with a repulsor rifle, but it failed to discharge. The Winter Soldier used his cloak as a shield and didn’t actually fall from the skies. That’s why I believe that the Winter Soldier is way cooler than Bucky due to the fact that he didn’t really die in the combat.

Cap can’t remember anything about the events which lead to his demise. Cap seems to not remember Bucky or his past. The reason for this could be because Cap was likely impaired by alcohol and drugs alcohol and still reeling from being shot by a sniper. Cap doesn’t even know Bucky or their location.

Cap’s tale is perhaps one of the most touching that we’ve read in the new age of comic books. Cap an individual who’s been in limbo since his childhood does not know much about his history. He would like to return to his home and knows that when he gets there so, his father could die in battle. He’s not willing to live an existence without his father, and so he sets out for a challenge to uncover who’s following his identity.

Even though the First Avenger comic books series isn’t as well-known, it’s not having the same level of success that the previous books did. However, it doesn’t enjoy the popularity of the sequel or the third Avenger comics. It’s still a fantastic comic book that every Marvel enthusiast should get. I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in reading.