That Prove the Transformative Power of Skylights

VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight | Solar Skylight

Operable Windows
Here’s proof that skylights are great in more than just windowless rooms. This bathroom by Romanek Design Studio gives the shower area plenty of natural light. It also operates like an awning window, so you can help increase ventilation when needed.

Modern Skylights
Floor-to-ceiling windows plus windows and steel and glass doors make this modern game room by Romanek Design Studio truly illuminating. The modern and minimalist approach to the interiors also keeps the focus on the beautiful landscaping beyond.

Sloped Window
Though this isn’t technically a skylight, the floor-to-ceiling window mirrors the rooflines and extends up past the top of the wall to maximize sunlight. So, if you love the idea of a skylight but also worry that it may not be the best fit for your space, this one in a breakfast nook by Tamsin Johnson Interiors is a great example to follow for an alternative.

Fixed Skylight
A skylight at the meeting point for a vaulted ceiling draws attention to the symmetry of the space while also accentuating height and bringing down the scale (a tricky balance, indeed). In this family room by Toledo Geller, the chandelier helps connect everything.  รับออกแบบบ้าน