‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 Release Date Trailer Features Ocean Men

Rick And Morty' Season 5 Date — Watch Official Trailer [VIDEO] | TVLine

The wait is almost over for the latest season of Rick and Morty! Adult Swim dropped a trailer today for Season Five featuring tons of juicy tidbits, along with the global premiere date.

Adult Swim has also declared June 20 “Rick and Morty Day,” which will be observed with special sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes footage, and other surprises, all leading up to the 11 p.m. ET/PT premiere. Those sneak peeks and surprises will be spread across Cartoon Network, Adult Swim’s website, and social media, which should make for an exciting easter-egg hunt for Rick and Morty completists.

In the meantime, the new trailer should give fans plenty to pore over, features Rick and Morty’s unique brand of outlandish, self-aware sci-fi situations, from the presence of “a strange horny ocean-man” to “zip-lining through futuristic metallic tunnels,” all under the fist-pumping strains of The White Stripes’ “Blue Orchid”. Of course, there are gobs of alternate versions of our characters, with Rick shooting it out with himself, and the slightest glimpse of a reality where Rick and Morty are fighting vampires in sunglasses – a sight Rick deems “tight.”

But beyond the excitement, we also get some of the solid, character-based jokes that makes the Emmy Award-winning series so watchable. I’m particularly fond of Rick and Summer quibbling about when it’s appropriate to declare something “too quiet,” but anyone who likes seeing Jerry being insulted, dismissed, or forgotten about is going to have a lot to love here.

Even just a premiere date is enough to get the blood pumping in the heart of any Rick and Morty fan. Knowing that the fifth season is only a few months away and work on future seasons is already underway should give us something solid to look forward to. Throw in those Rick and Morty Day celebrations, and we’ve got a veritable holiday on our hands.

Check out the new Rick and Morty trailer below. Season 5 premieres on Adult Swim on June 20. ดูหนังออนไลน์